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Innovative Luggage Strap
Securing Additional Bags to Your Suitcase

Whether you travel by air, sea, or land, the Demi Hugger is your helping hand.
The hugger will neatly stack your blanket, bag, or backpack
Helps you get where you’re going, without your arms overflowing.

Customers\\\' Reviews

I am on my way to Orlando to attend the ASI trade show. And once again I am thrilled to have my Demi Hugger with me! I store it in the outside pocket of my roller case so it is always handy. - Jon K.

I am in Denver, used it and loved it. Thank u so much. Hopefully our paths will cross again real soon. - Hugs, Judy

I use my Demi hugger with my carry on suitcase. I strap my pocketbook and coat on top. It leaves one hand free so I can use a cane. It is very helpful. - Mary T, 87 years old from Boston MA

Excellent addition to a guy who travels all the time! Now I don't have to struggle with trying to hold all of my bags together as I'm running late through the airport as usual! - Frequent Traveler from Boston

I travel to South America several times a year, but this time it was different. It was easier! The Demi Hugger really came in handy with my additional luggage safely strapped to my carry on handle. I definitely will buy one when they come out. - Dr.C. North Andover, MA.