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Innovative Luggage Strap
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Read about our Demi Hugger Luggage Strap!

Luggage Strap - Demo Hugger

We are a family run company that manufactures our product, a premium luggage strap, in the United States. Our feeling is if we can make it here why make it any place else.

Hello, I’m Demi the inventor of the Demi Hugger (although my husband argues that he is the original Demi Hugger). The Demi Hugger is the result of searching for and designing a product that would ultimately solve my travel problem. When traveling  I had trouble carrying a heavy shoulder bag containing necessities like makeup, wallet, ticket, passport, medications, snacks, and wet naps while wheeling my luggage. My shoulder would hurt and trying to balance it on my suitcase never worked well. The bag would slip off and empty on the ground. I also observed many others having the same problem with items like backpacks, pillows, blankets, shopping bags, and baby bags. I knew there had to be a better way.

After experimenting with several combinations of fabrics and designs while consulting with both travelers and manufacturers, I am truly ecstatic about the utility and simplicity of the final luggage strap. It has tremendous flexibility to support so many combinations of luggage and travel articles with ease and comfort.

I hope you enjoy my luggage strap, the Demi Hugger, as much as I do. It has simplified my travels immensely.