Natalie Tanner, also known as Miss. ET and a writer of Educational Tourist, has recently written a review on the Demi Hugger during one of Demi Huggerher many family trips.   Check out how she used the Demi Hugger here:

amazonWe are pleased to announce that the Demi Hugger is now available to be purchased at, the world’s highly popular, trusted and convenient e-commerce online store.   Simply click on the image button to our Demi Hugger Product page.

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   2015 06 12_1996The most stunning mountain views I have ever seen. The beauty of the Grand Tetons in June 2015 rivals the Swiss Alps. The mountains had enough snow to highlight the details of the beautifully sculpted mountain range.

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Grand Teton National Park offers dramatic vistas and a geologic story that is by no means complete. Geologic forces such as erosion and glaciation still sculpt the landscape. The Teton fault extends 40 miles along the base of the Teton Range. For more information go to:

Jenny Lake-2  

We enjoyed hiking and a boat tour around Jenny Lake.  Hidden Falls and numerous other hiking trails such as String Lake and Leigh Lake were well worth the effort. I would recommend wearing sneakers or hiking shoes.

Unfortunately the water was too cold to rent a kayak. The water needs to reach 55 degrees F. for safety reasons.

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Another highlight was horseback riding up the mountainside in the Gros Ventre Wilderness with Mill Iron Ranch. The owners, guides and views were better than I could have hoped for.

2015 06 13_1621

I can’t forget the wedding we were there to attend. It took place at the R Lazy S Ranch. The bride and groom looked royal with the majestic and surreal mountains behind them. The combination of Greek, Polish, and cowboy made for a most enjoyable and entertaining reception.Rebecca and Matts wedding-1

 I hope you enjoy my pictures.

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We are pleased to announce that Demi Hugger was awarded $500 from the EforAll Consumer Product Pitch Contest on Janaury 29, 2015.  Seven contestants and a wild card presented their pitches, but Demetra won the third place. Congratulations to Demetra.

Ever try to balance a lot of stuff on top of your suitcase or fling all those bags over your shoulder while rolling your suitcase through the airport only to have them crash in a heap across the floor? Not anymore thanks to the Demi Hugger!

The Demi Hugger is the newest travel companion and the best travel invention since the rolling suitcase. It’s a soft stretchable strap that easily attaches to the handle of your suitcase and securely hugs your bags, coats, pillows, or other additional items, making travel a cinch. Best of all, the Demi Hugger is lightweight, soft, removable, and can be used both vertically and horizontally; it works without metal or hard plastic hooks and clamps.

The Demi Hugger is the must-have travel accessory for 2015. See photos below for details on how the Demi Hugger will help you travel with ease this year.

DSC_0487"LS_121814_Demi"Package,front ,Demi HuggerDSC_0087

Billerica woman’s ‘Demi Hugger’ aims to ease travel"LS_121814_Demi"

By Dan O’Brien,
December 28, 2014

LOWELL — There are many ways in which traveling can be a pain. From getting airline tickets and booking hotel rooms to rentingnting automobiles, arranging a trip can be costly and time-consuming.

And then there’s one thing for which even the Digital Age offers no help: luggage. To get from A to B, travelers must transport their cargo themselves — unless they hire somebody to do it for them.

Demetra Papas, a former Chelmsford teacher who holds a degree in chemistry, thinks she has found an easier way, after finding that her shoulder bag would slip off while she was strolling her luggage.

“I had trouble carrying a heavy shoulder bag,” she said, noting that while suitcases were packed with clothing and other essentials, it was the shoulder bag that contained such items as tickets and passport — things needed while en route to her destination.

“My shoulder would hurt, and trying to balance the the shoulder bag on my suitcase never worked well,” said Papas.

About a year ago, she developed the Demi Hugger — a strap made from a sturdy neoprene material that enables the product to fasten bags to luggage and strollers. Its name is taken from Papas’ nickname, “Demi.”

Papas experimented with several combinations of fabrics and designs while consulting with travelers and manufacturers. She said that although the fabric is made overseas, she uses a contract manufacturer in western Massachusetts to make the product.

The Demi Hugger works this way:

* Extend the retractable handle of your rolling suitcase

* Slide the Demi Hugger sleeve opening over the retractable handle (can work either horizontally or vertically

* Place your bag on top of the suitcase

* Wrap the bag with the Demi Hugger and secure with the hook tab.

Papas admits to making mistakes along the way to commercialization, including having instructions posted inside the label, where they are not visible to the consumer.

The Demi Hugger can keep items such as pillows and stuffed animals attached to luggage  thus allowing travelers an extra free hand.    Sun staff photos can

The Demi Hugger can keep items such as pillows and stuffed animals attached to luggage thus allowing travelers an extra free hand.

“Silly me,” she said.  She also found roadblocks when working with cable-television show QVC, which wanted to sell the product for less than its current $29.95 price, as well as claim a cut of the sales. “I’m not going to get rich doing this, but of course I need to make money,” said Papas, who said she is close to securing an agreement with Amazon.

Until then, the Demi Hugger can be purchased online at or at various craft fairs Papas visits. Papas also secured the services of marketing consultant Susu Wong, of Tomo360. Wong said the two women hit it off at a Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce mixer.

“I could see the potential of the product, and her enthusiasm to succeed,” said Wong, who also assists Papas with her social-media strategy (a Kickstarter campaign is planned, so as to gain funding for different colors, designs and fabric).

“It’s just getting to that next level that’s so hard,” said Papas, who estimates she has sold about 100 Demi Huggers thus far.

The product has earned some enthusiastic reviews on Papas’ website. One doctor is quoted as saying a recent trip to South America was easier because the Demi Hugger “came in handy with my additional luggage safely strapped to my carry-on handle.”

Papas hopes many more compliments are to come, although none is expected to top that of her husband.

The Demi Hugger retails for $29.95 at Proprietor Demetra Papas hopes to soon have it available on Amazon. SUN / BOB WHITAKER

“He likes to say that no matter what, he is the original ‘Demi Hugger’,” she said.

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