Braving the 2020 Pandemic into 2021

The year 2020 has been rough

We’ve had to prove that we are tough

We must remember those we have lost

While still enjoying the winter frost.

Our self-restraint has been put to the test

Wearing masks for everyone’s health is best

Social distancing is still a must

Large gatherings are still a bust

We have found new ways to socialize

proving that we are both strong and wise

The pandemic is hard to contain

So, vigilant we must remain

Vaccination, masks, and distancing are our best chance

To keep the virus from its advance

Even with a vaccine, containment is hard

It will be a while before we let up our guard

Thank you to all our health care personnel

And researchers for their dedication and a job done well

By Demetra

Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2020

Although this Thanksgiving is different from the rest

We need to celebrate what is best

ocean breeze

Enjoy the forest and its trees

Breathe deeply the ocean breeze

The air is clear, and walking is cheap

A hearty walk will help us sleep

Remember the love of those we have lost

While enjoying the Autumn frost

Although the pandemic is hard to contain

Vigilant we must remain

Masks and distance are our best chance

To keep the virus from an advance

Let us rejoice that a vaccine is near

And we will celebrate with everyone next year

Demetra 2020