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social distancing saves lives

Making the Most of the Corona Virus Quarantine.

As we are now forced into quarantine, we should remember to have fun. Many of you are spending hours full time at home with your younger as well as older children. This can be a trying time. Try to enjoy this time and find out more about your children. Playing trivia games is lots of fun and you will realize that your children are good company.


This is how we dealt with the pandemic on our vacation. We spent months planning our ski vacation in Western Massachusetts. We split the week from Wednesday to Wednesday so our children with different college vacations could attend. We all arrived in separate cars to enjoy the week with family. My husband and I had packed lots of goodies for the vacation. This was supposed to be a ski vacation, it started out that way but soon changed. We got to ski for a few days but then the slopes were closed due to Corona virus. We decided to make the best of the situation by taking day hikes and playing lots of board games. I must say it was a wonderful bonding opportunity for the family. Playing board games can be lots of fun and it’s something we hardly ever do. I am sharing this with you because I think we all need to look for the silver lining and enjoy our time together, even if it is forced upon us.


When do you need a break go for a walk, exercise, or lock yourself in your room with a good book for much needed alone time.

Please follow CDC , recommendations and follow the guidelines of your local authorities. Practice social distancing and stay positive.