Demi Hugger on the Move—Best Travel Item 2020 and Four-State Media Tour

The Demi Hugger travel aid is receiving some much-deserved recognition, having been recently featured in the “Best Travel Items for 2020 & Holiday Gifts for Travelers” for the “52 Perfect Days” blog as a result of their participation in the 2019 Travel Goods Show.

Demi Hugger is proud to announce a four-state media tour beginning on March 7, 2020, which will include TV and radio spots on major networks: ABC Detroit, Michigan, on WXYZ and WMYD Weekend Morning News; FOX Baltimore, MD, on FOX 45 Morning News; NBC Nashville, Tennessee, on WSMV “Today in Nashville”; CW Network, Indianapolis, Indiana, on WISH-TV “Indy Style”; and FOX Grand Rapids, Michigan, on the Fox17 Morning Mix.

The product’s inventor, Greek-American Demetra Papas, said she is “happy that many more people will hear about my helpful and easy-to-use travel aid.”

The Demi Hugger is a soft, lightweight, stretchable strap that attaches to a suitcase handle and then securely hugs items like coats, pillows, and tote bags. With the Demi Hugger, people can move easily through airports and train terminals knowing all their items are held securely in place.

A family-owned business, the Demi Hugger is the result of searching for and designing a product that would ultimately solve the family’s travel problems. When traveling there was always trouble carrying a heavy shoulder bag containing necessities like makeup, wallet, ticket, passport, medications, snacks, and wet naps while wheeling luggage. The bag would inevitably slip off and spill on the ground.

Demetra observed that many others were experiencing the same problem with items like backpacks, pillows, blankets, shopping bags, and baby bags. After experimenting with several combinations of fabrics and designs, and consulting with travelers and manufacturers, she designed a practical and simple luggage strap with tremendous flexibility. The Demi Hugger can support many combinations of luggage and travel articles with ease and comfort.

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