Demi Hugger Travels to The Grand Tetons and Jackson, Wyoming

   2015 06 12_1996The most stunning mountain views I have ever seen. The beauty of the Grand Tetons in June 2015 rivals the Swiss Alps. The mountains had enough snow to highlight the details of the beautifully sculpted mountain range.

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Grand Teton National Park offers dramatic vistas and a geologic story that is by no means complete. Geologic forces such as erosion and glaciation still sculpt the landscape. The Teton fault extends 40 miles along the base of the Teton Range. For more information go to:


Jenny Lake-2  

We enjoyed hiking and a boat tour around Jenny Lake.  Hidden Falls and numerous other hiking trails such as String Lake and Leigh Lake were well worth the effort. I would recommend wearing sneakers or hiking shoes.

Unfortunately the water was too cold to rent a kayak. The water needs to reach 55 degrees F. for safety reasons.

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Another highlight was horseback riding up the mountainside in the Gros Ventre Wilderness with Mill Iron Ranch. The owners, guides and views were better than I could have hoped for.

2015 06 13_1621

I can’t forget the wedding we were there to attend. It took place at the R Lazy S Ranch. The bride and groom looked royal with the majestic and surreal mountains behind them. The combination of Greek, Polish, and cowboy made for a most enjoyable and entertaining reception.Rebecca and Matts wedding-1

 I hope you enjoy my pictures.

2015 06 09_2336 2015 06 18_1032 2015 06 09_23082015 06 08_2399


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