Hidden Gem in the Adirondack Region of NY



The Big Moose Inn is a hidden gem. Make sure to look for the sign on the opposite side of the road, easy to miss. It is a simple,quaint, cozy and nicely furnished Inn with a Restaurant, Tavern, and great waterfront location. Unfortunately for us the Tavern and Restaurant were not yet open on weekdays, the menu sure looked good. Luckily were able to experience the Continental breakfast. No, it was not cereal, packaged crescent rolls, and donuts.

The best continental breakfast I have ever had. I was pleasantly surprised with the included Continental Breakfast. No, it was not cereal, packaged crescent rolls and donuts. You had a choice of homemade muffins, coffee cake and granola. Yogurt, berries, hard boiled eggs, cereal, toast, English muffins coffee tea or juice were all available. They were pleasantly served by the owner, Susan Mayer. Yes, you could get them all.

We enjoyed the beautiful view from our room and restaurant. Although the weather was a bit dreary we even went kayaking on the lake. The room was appropriately furnished with a lovely stained glass window.

Hosts Mark and Susan Mayer were pleasant and accommodating. We enjoyed our informative conversations where we learned a lot about the area. If the weather had been better it would have been an outstanding two day get away. It was a pleasant experience in spite of the weather. Great mini  vacation.

I would definitely recommend The Big Moose Inn.  www.bigmooseinn.com

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