In the News: Billerica inventor designs an easier way to travel

Posted Oct 16, 2015
Credit: Billerica MinuteMan

Billerica Demetra pictureDemetra Papas, a Billerica resident and former English-as-a-second-language teacher, created a way to make traveling easier.

Papas is the inventor of the Demi Hugger, a neoprene strap that attaches to the handle of a suitcase to keep items in place. The invention can hug a variety of items including purses, backpacks and teddy bears.

Papas started developing the Demi Hugger three years ago after having shoulder pains from carrying around a heavy purse and suitcase.  “My shoulder would hurt, and I tried to balance my bag on my suitcase, and it never worked out well,” Papas said.

Papas experimented with a variety of fabrics and designs before finding the right match. Although the fabric is made overseas, Papas uses a manufacturer in western Massachusetts because “it is important to [her] that it be made in the U.S.”

Papas is a certified seller on Amazon and Etsy and has a design patent and two other patents pending. Papas has received support from the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce, Billerica Alliance, Merrimack Valley Small Business Bureau and Entrepreneurship for All, where she won third place in a pitch contest.

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