I love that I can loop the Demi Hugger around my suitcase handle, put several items inside (ranging from a stuffed animal to a toiletries case to a backpack), and everything stays together while I’m rolling the case. Demi told me that the Hugger can be expanded to secure even large items like a guitar case, which is pretty impressive.

Everyone is loving our travel aid premium luggage strap!  Check out some of our testimonials below!

I travel quite a bit for work and it is always a chore to lug my laptop, takeout food and my carry-on luggage. I’ve used a bungee strap and luggage attachment before, but my stuff always managed to fall out of the luggage. Recently I bought the Demi Hugger that was very helpful to me when I travel, especially lugging around my computer bag and food/water. The Demi Hugger attaches my carry-on bag onto my luggage. It is made of a heavy duty neoprene, and it straps onto the handlebars of my rolling luggage. It also attaches to whatever you are carrying, in my case, my backpack with my laptop and personal items. It can also carry pillows and bags. It is very lightweight so I can fold it up and tug it on the side of my luggage. The material is very sturdy so I think the price is very reasonable because it will last me for a long time. I used it for my last trip to Puerto Rico. It was a breeze to take it through the airport and security.

I have owned a Demi Hugger for a little over a year now and I would not travel without it! Whether a large duffle or a small package, the Demi Hugger securely holds the addtional item (s) to the top of my rolling suitcase with ease. As a traveler that avoids the check in line I always have 2 items. Since purchasing the Demi Hugger I no longer have to struggle with that second bag. Now it is conveniently attached. Great product!

Just what I was looking for! I was searching for a long time for something like this to replace my luggage bungee from Travelon. Although that Item was also good, and better priced, it only lasted about a year before it snapped. This product, DemiHugger is great in so many ways – its versatality, durability, and the way its made of one piece of material – practically unbreakable! So far I’ve used it a few times since I travel quite often by bus with handluggage, and I like to use DemiHugger to hold my tote on top (and anything else that fits!). I bought this product when free shipping was finally offered and the price dropped a bit. I’m thrilled with my purchase and highly recommend it.

I have been looking for something like this for a while – need to put carry on bag on top of suitcase for travelling to airport etc. This works very well and is very versatile. Has transformed travelling for me. Looks durable and well thought out with vertical and horizontal options. Buy one!

Simple concept that anyone who travels can use. Holds your purse, smaller bag on top of larger, pillow, & everything in between on top of your luggage. Only thing I wouldn’t use it to secure is food & kids. Think of it as a rubber band for your luggage. You can put it on large baggage or small, make it looser or tighter, put it horizontal or vertical, have it hold one item or many, & it’s all there within easy reach. Simply pull the velcro apart for easy access to whatever you need whenever you need it, secure the velcro & you’re ready to go again. It’s made of neoprene material that is virtually weightless & takes up almost no space. Easily will fit into the fullest of bags. If you only use it to get your items to the ticket counter you’ll recognize how much this little things simplifies your trip. When you’re at baggage claim & get to use it again you’ll realize this is your favorite travel accessory. Yep, It’s that wonderful. I LOVE it.

“Happy New Year! I am on my way to Orlando to attend the ASI trade show, and once again I am thrilled to have my Demi Hugger with me! I store it in the outside pocket of my roller case so it is always handy. I hope 2015 is a year full of good health and joy for you and your family.”Jon Kenney

“I travel to South America several times a year, but this time it was different. It was easier! The Demi Hugger travel aid luggage strap really came in handy with my additional luggage safely strapped to my carry on handle. I definitely will buy one when they come out.” -Dr.C. North Andover, MA.

I am Denver, used it and loved it. Thank u so much. Hopefully our paths will cross again real soon.- Hugs, Judy

When I travel, I always seem to have add-ons – extra bags or parcels. I used to spill, drop or get sore lugging them.  With the Demi-Hugger, it is so much easier.  The Demi-Hugger travel aid luggage strap is very versatile and can be used to support virtually any size or shape of my travel items – from purse to shopping bag to laptop bag. It is also very light and easy to store inside a luggage compartment until needed for use. Now that I have one, I can never go back!
-Becky, Franklin MA

Excellent addition to a guy who travels all the time!  Now I don’t have to struggle with trying to hold all of my bags together as I’m running late through the airport as usual!  – Frequent Traveler from Boston.

I just had to tell you how much I am enjoying using your Demi Hugger travel aid luggage strap.  My dog, Lady Giggles, is a national therapy dog, and she makes visits to rest homes, schools etc.  She is also with the Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.) program.  Carrying her books for the children to read, plus all her needs during her visits, at times I felt I needed a truck.  Using  your Demi Hugger on top of her traveling suitcase has been such a help.  I even have room now for a few of my things.  Grrrrreat invention.  – Shirley