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Travel Safely During the Pandemic


Travel Safely During the Pandemic



Many of us will travel for business, vacation, or to visit family. Yes, visiting family far away is hopefully considered a pleasurable vacation. My point is many of us will travel and we need to be as safe as possible.

Last week my husband and I spent the week in Vermont. It is the first time I have stayed anyplace but my home in the last 5 months. That’s right I have not even gone to the market. We were seriously considering forfeiting our traditional week at the Trapp Family lodge. I am sure glad we decided to go.

This is how we made it work. First, we both got tested for COVID 19 as required by the state of Vermont. After receiving our negative results, it was time to quickly plan. OK, I admit it, I had already started packing.

As a family, we decided that only people living in our house should go. It was a difficult decision which disappointed our extended family. I truly missed spending time with my children and great-nephews. As an asthmatic and over 62, my children are very protective, and would not come, even if invited.

We used allergy covers for the couch and bedding, disinfectant sprays alcohol and wipes on all surfaces as well as switches, remote controls, and bathroom. We even put all the dishes through the high-temperature cycle in the dishwasher. After setting up we were comfortable for the week. Wait I meant to say 6 days, the lodge was leaving all units, after a thorough cleaning, empty for a day between guests.

We enjoyed outdoor activities of bike riding, kayaking, picnicking, and hiking. No eating out. We didn’t even spend time at the beautiful outdoor pool because it was too crowded. Obviously, we were very cautious and washed or disinfected our hands frequently and wore masks. Since this was a driving trip, we only made one stop at a large rest area. Wearing masks and hand washing was essential. I admit I was nervous, but the rest area was so clean, and I went through very quickly.

Taking the above precautions made us feel safe while enjoying a great vacation together.


If you are traveling by plane or public transportation here is an article with some great tips on how to travel safely during the pandemic.


I wish you many happy, healthy, and safe travels.




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