Travel with Less Stress: Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday travel is coming fast upon us and for many—especially those who travel to visit family and friends—it can be very stressful. Besides all the buying of gifts, parties, and dinner plans, travel is a huge concern and only adds to the chaos of the holiday season.

We’d like to share some helpful tips for holiday travel that will make your trip less stressful and more enjoyable.

1) Plan ahead. Book flights early.

Avoid those travel dates that everyone else wants, like those that create a long weekend or have you returning on a Sunday. Shop prices and book ahead—it’s sure to save you money.

Plan ahead for flight delays and avoid tight connections. Book a direct flight if possible.

2) Shop around for hotel rates.

If you’re not staying at a relative’s or friend’s home, shop around for hotel rates. Use Expedia or Orbitz to find good rates. This is important, especially in big cities where hotels fill up fast at holiday times.

3) Pack sparingly.

If you’re only going away for a few days and there will be laundry facilities available, just bring enough clothing for a couple days. Wear the same outfit when you leave as when you arrived. Then it’s really only toiletries and under garments left to pack.

Mail gifts ahead rather than taking them on the plane. This saves time and effort—and probably money—as most airlines now charge for checked baggage.  If you can survive with just a carry-on bag, do it and avoid waiting at baggage claim.

Also be aware of the TSA rules regarding liquids, etc. and avoid delays in that department.

4) Provide yourself some creature comforts.

Bring along a good book, a snack, a light sweater or shawl should you get chilly, a travel pillow, headphones and your favorite music, even ear plugs. A comfortable traveler is a happy traveler.

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